911 Pin-Lock™

Gates across Fire Lanes typically falls under the control of the local fire marshal. Though they may require a wide variety of methods to access the gate, ultimately they will require an manual release.

The problem gate operator installers encounter is how do you insert a 3/8 inch or 7/16 inch padlock shank like a Knox Padlock™ through a 1/2 inch bolt.

The 911 Pin-Lock™ was designed to solve the problem of securing these padlock shank to the bolt that is used to attach most swing gate operator arms to the gate. 

IMG 0102

The 911 Pin-Lock™ has two components, the Pin and the Block. The pin is inserted up through the gate bracket and the gate operator arm. The groove in the pin aligns with the padlock hole when the block is placed over the pin. 

IMG 0103

Inserting the Knox™ padlock through the large hole in the 911 Pin-Lock™ engages the groove in the pin thus securing the pin.

IMG 0106

IMG 0107

By inserting pin up through the gate bracket and the gate operator arm, and inserting the padlock through the 911 Pin-Lock™ block the arm is secured to the gate.

IMG 2415

911 Pin-Lock™ works with Elite CSW200's, Elite CSW24, HySecurity SwingSmart, DoorKing, Viking, US Automatic Patriot, Apollo, Linear, Eagle and any other swing gate operator that uses a 1/2" bolt to attach the arm to the gate.

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